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32. When WalMart pulled Listerine off the shelves (May 1, 1989)

Perhaps this is the story of the very first Person of WalMart

In April of 1989, a customer complained that the bottle of Listerine that she bought from a Texas WalMart made burned her mouth when she used it. Due to contamination fears that were rampant in the 1980s, WalMart pulled bottles of Listerine off shelves, and sent the bottle the woman complained about, and other samples to the Warner-Lambert company, the (then) manufacturer of Listerine. 

After lab tests of the samples, the results were in. 

The woman mistook the tingly effects of Listerine to burning. yup. 


Los Angeles Times article.

Wal-Mart removes Listerine in 26 states following report

Tweet from Mental Floss about the incident. 

Image from this commercial break