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118. “Rolling Classrooms” (The Post and Courier, September 21, 1993)

I guess the internet replaced this through the years. Also, there would be no way you could take this class if you get motion sick from looking at documents on a moving train I’d imagine. 

"All aboard for education ." The Post and Courier, September 21, 1993.,2336691 (accessed March 13, 2014).

107. Christmas newspaper clippings part 1

image 1

The Milwaukee Journal - Dec 4, 1980

She looks like the inspiration for Charlene Matlock, either pilot Charlene Matlock, or Linda Purl Charlene Matlock, choose one:



The Milwaukee Journal - Dec 4, 1980

Everything for your yuppie kitchen. 


The Milwaukee Journal - Dec 4, 1980


The Milwaukee Journal - Dec 4, 1980

Aw, nobody likes this candy. Not even in 1980. Also, dead mall, Northridge Mall. 


image 6

image 7



I am so bothered by the Bone Fone, its the definition of ridiculousness. I think this was right before the Walkman hit it big, so these were probably mildly popular for about 2 months. 

The Milwaukee Journal - Dec 4, 1980


That is not a Care Bear. 

Lodi News-Sentinel - Dec 19, 1987
I don’t know too many people who buy their gifts at the auto part store, especially at 11:45 at night on December 23rd. 

Schenectady Gazette - Dec 12, 1987

EVERY discount store had their own bear back in the 1980s and 1990s. I had one from Kmart that had a little sweater dress from 1990. The reason why I knew it was from 1990 was because it said so on her sweater. 

image 12

Schenectady Gazette - Dec 12, 1987

I didn’t know that people still bought Atari’s in 1987. 

105. Thanksgiving newspaper advertisements



Big booze sale at Sav-On,  a little girl bastes the turkey at Gemco, and JcPenney has gold filled chains for sale. The Press-Courier - Nov 24, 1980 1 2


See, there were stores open on Thanksgiving long before this decade. Eugene Register-Guard - Nov 23, 1988 3

KMart’s Black Friday paper, Lawrence Journal-World - Nov 24, 1994 4

Hen Turkeys & Tom Turkeys, and Pilgrims shopping at Winn Dixie. The Dispatch - Nov 18, 1981 5 6

Aw, remember cartoony drawings of pilgrims? 

"It ain’t over ‘til its over!" Observer-Reporter - Nov 25, 1987 7

The 7up poster that is in every 1980s Christmas commercial breakStar-News - Nov 25, 1987 8

The Coca-Cola bottlers thank in Bangor. Bangor Daily News - Nov 24, 1997 9

DON’T PUT THE TURKEY IN THE MICROWAVE. The Albany Herald - Nov 19, 1984 10

104. Article about the 20th anniversary of the JFK Assassination (November 22, 1983)


"Americans Mark Day of Kennedy Assassination."Schenectady Gazette, November 22, 1983.,1471447 (accessed November 25, 2013).

(large, reading size)

103. “Pardners no more” (Schenectady Gazette, November 20, 1987)

This was on the front page of the Schenectady Gazette. Front page! It wasn’t even a local story! 

"Pardners no more." Schenectady Gazette, November 20, 1987.,4975939 (accessed November 20, 2013).

101. “Changeover” (November 6, 1980)


Wax Carter looks devastated. 


This was on the same page, and I have to share it too: 


The Sumter Daily Item, November 6, 1980.,885123 (accessed November 6, 2013).

72. How newspapers handled Budd Dwyer blowing his brains out on live tv (January 22, 1987)

Harsh title, but that’s what he did!

It seems like everybody that has been on the internet long enough knows about Budd Dwyer, the man who shot himself to death during a televised speech in which he was resigning his post as State Treasurer of Pennsylvania. Those who dare have seen the gory video, or those who are squeamish have at least seen the countless press photos of him waving his gun around at the meeting, or just watched the animated .gif of his death (even if its just a gif and shows no blood, I guess it could shock some people, so warning). 

Dwyer was resigning because he was caught taking bribes from a California company that was trying to gain a contract to compensate state workers who overpaid federal taxes. Dwyer claimed that he was framed, but nevertheless he was convicted and forced to step down as treasurer. 

The day before his sentencing, he scheduled a news conference in which the local media came. After a long speech that some described as “rambling”, Dwyer handed envelopes to his closest co workers, and then took out one final envelope. A gun filled envelope. We all know the rest, how he lay in a puddle of his own blood, it gushing out of his nose, looking more like a bloodied, disheveled, David Crosby than the man who was speaking just seconds earlier. 

I wanted to know how the newspapers across America handled the coverage of Dwyer’s action. What pictures did they decide to publish, if any? Did their local news that evening show the entire video of him shooting himself? 

Reading Eagle, Reading, Pennsylvania: 



image 2

image 3

image 4

The Dispatch, Lexington, North Carolina: 

image  5

This is the photo most newspapers on Google Newspapers went with. 

Observer-Reporter, Washington Monongahela, Pennsylvania:

image  6

The Junction City Daily Union, Geary County, Kansas: 


Lewiston Morning Tribune, Lewiston, Idaho/Clarkston, Washington: 

image 8

These two papers went with the final moment. 

Lodi News-Sentinel, Lodi, California: 

 image 9

The Miami News, Miami, Florida: 

image  10

Ocala Star-Banner, Ocala, Florida: 

image 11

The Milwaukee Journal, Milwaukee, Wisconsin: 

image 12

The Mount Airy News, Mount Airy, North Carolina: 


Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, Pittsburgh, PA 



image 15



This paper was the first paper I saw that actually showed a pic of Dwyer dead. The microfilm copy was in horrible shape though.

image 16

Pittsburgh Press, Pittsburgh, PA: 

image 17

Sarasota News Herald, Sarasota, Florida:

image 18

This was the first paper I saw that showed the pic of him immediately after shooting himself, but before he hit the floor.

The Nashua Telegraph, Nashua, New Hampshire:


Out of all the 1980s newspapers in Google Newspapers, this was the only one I found with a clear picture of Dwyer dead. 

Telegraph Herald, Dubuque, Iowa:

image 20

Related Links:

Budd Dwyer at Encyclopedia Dramatica (NSFW!!) ED calls Dwyer “the greatest man to ever live”. 

"An Honest Man" Documentary about Dwyer. 

Filter’s “Hey Man NIce Shot” video - Filter’s song they wrote about Dwyer. 

///edit, June 7 2013//

Hustler covered it too, and used seldom seen color shots of the incident.

69. Daily Press (Newport News, VA) news clippings from the Summer of 1994 (part 1)

June 1994 Daily Press microfilm scans

I decided to go locally for this series, unlike the Reading Eagle series I did a few months ago. 1994 was around the time I began to become a regular reader of the newspaper, and that Summer was the Summer before I began middle school, and you know, everything changes once you hit middle school. 

Oh, sidenote. When I was gathering these materials back in October, I got the flu from this guy who was beside me at the microfilms who hacking a lung. So, you better appreciate this. 

Daily Press, June 1, 1994

Heh, I remember this lady’s giant Gumby being stolen! 

There was another section the paper used to do called, “She said it”, and this is what the lady said about her Gumby:

"He has his own room in the house. We bring him outside for special occasions." 

Daily Press, June 1, 1994

I remember the stupid phone card craze, and at Spenser’s there would have a display of phone cards with every TV show that was popular at the time on them. 

Daily Press, June 1, 1994

I loved to read the personal ads in the paper when I was a kid. Hey, it was the closest thing to trashy romance novels or pay per view us kids had back then.  We didn’t have the “casual encounters" section of Craigslist to read then. (click to see larger)

Daily press, June 1, 1994

heh. ~~**the FUTURE**~~ :

  • "virtual VCR’s" that can stop, pause, and rewind movies. 
  • "illustrated radio"
  • "the information highway is really a super-hype way" 

Daily Press, June 3, 1994

Daily Press, June 3, 1994

I believe this is part of a CompUSA sales ad, due to the Apple Quadra for sale. Check out that weird tablet thingy Compaq made. 

Daily Press, June 2, 1994

I love this article about an energy drink Gatorade test marketed that summer in some areas, even if the product was about 10 years too early. For modern reference, an 8.5 oz can of Red Bull has 80mg of caffeine 1

Daily Press, June 5, 1994

Heh, sometimes you get your hands on a really derpy microfilm printer, and it prints awesome artwork like these men in their underwear.

Daily Press, June 5, 1994

I only scanned this, because I mean … when was the last time you saw a coupon for Jean Naté? 

Daily Press, June 5, 1994

I don’t think it should be a crowning achievement to look like the Big Boy. Sorry. 

Daily Press, June 6, 1994

Honesty time here. I always thought Les in Funky Winkerbean back then looked cute. Yeah, I know a character in a pretty terrible comic strip.


Les looks all creepy now that the strip jumped 10 years back in 2007. 

Also, the Luann Flag Girl strip. Precursor to Meg on Family Guy.

…now you’ll be somewhere else when the boys don’t call.

Daily Press, June 7, 1994

"Lawyer wins his messy case" in a "Messiest Office in America" contest. ‘Dude looks like if Costanza kept his hair, and was an amazing success instead of a horrible failure. 

Daily Press, June 11, 1994


60. Priscilla Ford


I’ve been meaning to write an  entry about Priscilla Ford, the woman that went on a sidewalk driving rampage on Thanksgiving, 1980 in Reno. Priscilla was sentenced to death for killing five people, however she died in 2005 from emphysema. 2 3 The News Review has an excellent write up about the incident here

54. Reading Eagle Newspaper Highlights from February 1986 (part 2)



GIGANTOR SLEEVES. Those sleeves are bigger than her head. 

I didn’t know that Oreo was playing God with flavors way back then. 


Sassy clothes for President’s day. 


Excuse my language, because this blog is on my online portfolio, but seriously, are you fucking kidding me?  Skinny people get all the sex.  

I am completely serious here, if a guy gave me a 1986 Honda Prelude for a Valentines Day present, he would be mine forever. HINT HINT ANY HOT GUYS WHO READ THIS BLOG. 


I forgot there was another Tylenol scare in 1986. 6.  I searched and searched about this case, and apparently nobody has ever been arrested in the murder of Diane Elsroth. 


~~~**the future**~~~

Is this what I think it is? A knockoff Members Only jacket? 


Berkshire Mall is the mall where the lady fell in the fountain while texting last year

You would have to pay me $1.99 to eat salsbury steak in a KMart cafeteria.

….why doesn’t Totino’s make this pizza anymore?  You don’t understand how much I need this in my life right now. 





Derp Derp!



I was actually going to dedicate an entire entry to the Micro-Go-Round, but naah, we got this. When I was growing up in the early 90s, there were at least 12 of these at every thrift store mom and I would go into. 


Unless I skipped over something,  I think this is THE first cell phone ad I’ve seen in Reading Eagle so far. 

She married every middle school band teacher in America. 

Another ad drawn by the store owners daughter.


If you want nobody to buy your product, be sure to hire Cathy to advertise it. 

Also, if you want kids to be terrified of your mascot, be sure to get your dad to make it.