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25. It came from the 1980s and 1990s drugstore

Revlon Aquamarine

Vaseline Bath Beads  (I remember going all around Hampton with my mom sometimes looking for this stuff when Dollar General was out)

Jane Cosmetics

Fame Glo cosmetics (my mom had one of those pencils until the 90s-when I stole it and then lost it on the bus.)

Bonne Bell Lip Lites (these were called lip lix when I was a teenager)

Bonne Bell Shower 2000

Yardley Oatmeal & Almond soap

Aqua Net

Revlon Flex & Outrageious shampoo and conditioners (I actually kept a bottle of outrageous under my sink years and years ago, back when I had my own bathroom, and I’d just smell it every now and then.) I bought these bottles at a Dollar General in Waverly, Virginia in 2002. The coupon on the Flex bottle expired in 1995.

Navy Perfume (don’t forget this annoying commercial for it, circa 1990)

Revlon Street Wear (did you know this stuff still has a cult following on eBay? Also, I always wanted to do that black/white french tip nail design when I was 13 and these ads were running). 

Fruitopia (sorry for the crap pic I took of an old commercial years ago), sadly it only exists in Canada now.)

Malibu Musk (I remember the night before I moved away to college, I had the jingle to this commercial stuck in my head—and yes, the girl slaps her butt with the boxes of Malibu Musk.)

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